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meet friend of the firm: John Abate

Hi John, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is John Abate and I currently live in Leucadia, CA. I'm originally from Clinton, CT. I graduated from Colorado State University, College of Natural Resources Management Class of 1996. I am Co-founder and CEO of JoJé Bar, the simply best tasting nutrition bars.

What resource(s) do you find most helpful for staying current on marketing or entrepreneurial news?

I try to stay current reading the trades and affiliated websites but for me the real value is in making personal connections with people for meetings or calls. I am always asking for referrals to speak with folks that have time and talent in the industry that I'm most interested in learning more about. I'm very much a fan of connecting people together and try to pay it forward (or back) with any knowledge or experience I might impart.

What do you enjoy most about your business or your work?

Being that JoJé is a relatively new business and that I'm a first time Entrepreneur, every day presents a new set of challenges and learning opportunities for me! I would have to say though, the most enjoyment that I receive is when people tell us how much they love our bars and that our brand is unique in the category giving them a fresh, new choice in energy bars. 

Do you have a favorite app or tech hack that you've discovered lately?

I do! If you're a small business like us that sells a product and re-invests right back into production, cash flow is critical and the time that it takes for your invoices to get paid can be critical. There is a great resource called C2FO which allows companies like ours to place our open invoices awaiting net term payments out into the open market for bid to investors. You set the % rate on which you'll pay to have the invoice paid to you. It can dramatically cut down on any negotiated payment terms that you might have with your vendors, at often very low rates; fractions of a % in some cases.

How long have you lived in North County?

I've lived in North County since 1996 ... does that allow me to claim "local" or "semi-local"?

What do you love most about living here?

The sense and feeling of community. North County San Diego, Encinitas, in particular, thrives with shared values of family, healthy lifestyles, music, and art. There's nothing like it!

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