Meet friend of the firm: Mike Plumb


Hi Mike, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?  

My name is Mike Plumb and I am Canadian by birth, American by choice. I’m owner of TriPower MultiSports, an online coaching business for runners, cyclists and triathletes. I’m also the owner of TriPower Mobile Bike Services providing mobile bike repair, bike fit and race transport for Southern California.

Tell us about your business.

After retiring from racing triathlon as a pro in the late 90’s, I started my coaching business and we just celebrated our 20th anniversary of being in business. Our coaching business is mostly done online and we have clients all over the world. In 2018 we expanded to include the mobile bike services. With more and more bike shops going out of business we saw the need for a mobile bike repair business. We come to you, pick up your bike, perform the necessary repairs/maintenance and return the bike directly to you, usually with same day service. We also do mobile bike fitting, with today’s bikes costing thousands of dollars it makes sense to get properly fit first, then go shopping for a bike that you know will fit you. The final part of our mobile service is providing bike transportation to races. People like to travel to races outside of the local area and with our service we transport your bike for you and also provide support for you at the race site for those last minute adjustments or emergency repairs.

What resource(s) do you find most helpful for obtaining new clients?

 Referrals, word of mouth. Our best advertising is our current and past clients.

Who are the clients or what are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

In coaching it is always satisfying to see clients reach goals. Racing is typically a goal oriented activity whether it is trying to meet a time or a certain place in a race. Helping clients train to meet and then achieve those goals is always very satisfying.

In the bike repair business, picking up a dirty, broken bike and returning it looking new and working properly and seeing the expression on the customers face is always a treat.

Do you have a favorite app or tech hack that you've discovered lately?

In the coaching business we are always using various apps/software to work efficiently and to be able to track athletes progress. Some of these apps are Training Peaks, WKO4, Garmin Connect, etc

How long have you lived in North County?

I moved to North County in May 2001. After living in Mobile AL for 17 years I finally decided I needed to move somewhere where I would enjoy cycling every day of the year and Carlsbad is that place.

What do you love most about living here?

The weather, the water, the friends. Whatever you want, it is in close proximity. The ability to go skiing without having to live with winter and the ability to go to the beach year round. I have always wanted to live in a place where other people consider going for vacation, this is it - Carlsbad!

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