“Does your firm represent both commercial and residential clients in real estate matters?

-Yes. We handle matters involving various types of commercial properties, e.g. office buildings, shopping centers, strip malls, retail, industrial, vacant land and others. We also handle legal matters involving residential properties.

“What areas of California does your law firm serve?”

— Our law firm is located in Encinitas, CA, in San Diego County, so our primary area of service is in southern California. However, Mr. Blake regularly handles legal matters throughout the state of California.

“Are you able to meet for an in-person consultation? ”

— Yes. We are able to meet with you in person in the San Diego area. We are also able to meet via Skype and phone conference.

“Do you charge a fee for your initial consultation? ”

— Yes. There is a $325 hourly fee for our initial case strategy session. It is our intent during this session to understand your legal situation, provide you with meaningful feedback and the information you need to take action to resolve your legal issue.

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